Snow Blower Reviews 2016-2017

The GreenWorks Electric Snow Blower is a wonderful alternative to the standard gas-powered snow blowers that have actually been utilized for many years. The device's electric motor permits it to get rid of a 20-inch wide path of snow that can be as much as 10 inches deep, making it ideal for those customers that experience severe wintertimes.

The directional chute also permits the customer to toss snow in any type of instructions as well as much as 20 feet away from the course they are clearing.

GreenWorks Snow Blower consists of:

  • electrical motor
  • Expansion cord lock
  • 6 inch rubber wheels
  • 20 foot discharge distance
  • Adjustable/directional chute


  • 20-inch snow clearing width
  • Constructed with high quality parts
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Flexible deal with


  • Screws are not stainless steel and might rust otherwise cleaned up after use
  • Chute might be challenging to removal if the attachments are cold/frozen

Our Take

When winter months rolls around, the entire family will go out in order to help shovel off the walkways as well as the driveway. Given that we have a variety of elderly individuals in your area, we will certainly likewise aid them with their shoveling also and many times I use a snow blower making removing their courses less complicated. While the traditional gas powered snow blowers work great, I was in the market for a new one as well as wished to explore some choices that might be much more fuel efficient and also better for the planet.

The GreenWorks Snow Blower was the first snow blower I came upon that appeared to fit the expense. Despite the fact that it was not a gas powered monster like some other snow blowers I have actually had in the past, it seemed like it was capable of finishing the job, so I determined to give it a try. When the device arrived, it was easy to put together and also started up excellent on the first shot. When we had our initial considerable snowfall, I took it out to clear the driveway-- it took half the moment with the 20 inch clearing diameter.

Generally, the GreenWorks Snow Blower is a terrific product and I would certainly suggest it to any person that remains in the marketplace for a brand-new snow blower before the wintertime weather condition hits. Some people who left gasoline in their snow blower last winter, and fired it up without refueling this winter, are finding out that was a mistake. Although the lack of stainless steel screws and also chute is a downside, the product is reliable with quality components overall and also I am really satisfied with this snow blower.

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